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Subscribe to the Government Media Release Service

This service notifies subscribers of new Australian Government media releases by email. Your email address will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it. At any stage, you may change or delete your subscription. Please see our privacy policy if you require further information.

Media releases come from sites indexed by Each agency is responsible for ensuring that their media releases are available through this site.

To subscribe to this service, use the registration process below.

Step 1. Enter your email address for notification messages:

Step 2. Enter some topics: (Optional)


(Topics can consist of keywords or exact phrases - e.g. irrigation, "global warming")

Help creating complex queries. Not enough topics? You can create additional subscriptions for more topics.

Step 3. Select which portfolios you would like to be notified about:


If you have any queries about this service or any area of the website, please contact us.


Subscription help

Setting up a subscription to the Government Media Release Service is a simple 4 step process. Further information on each step is available by clicking the links below.

Step 1 - Enter your email address

Step 2 - Enter your topics (optional)
If you would like to receive media alerts relating to a particular topic you can specify a single keyword or phrase. This will mean that you will only receive media releases containing the keyword or phrase you have entered.

Step 3 - Select your portfolios

Step 4 - Activate your subscription

The Government Media Release Service allows subscribers to change, cancel or create another subscription at any time.

For further help, visit Help with my subscription.

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